Look For Unique Tribal Arm Tattoos

Tribal arm tattoos have become very much in style over the last several years due to many men finding designs online and taking them to their favorite tattoo artist. However, the sad part about this is that these same tattoo designs have been inked onto thousands of other men too. There is no uniqueness about them. If you are going to go to the expense to get a tattoo anyway, don't you want it to be so unique and intricate that people stop you on the street to ask where you had it done?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of low quality tribal arm tattoo designs on the internet. It is very easy to get caught up in a big gallery of photos and just pick the best one you can find. However, those tattoos are not usually unique in any way.

The very worst part about all of this is that most of these low quality galleries are actually showing pictures that were never meant to be tattoo designs! They are just stock art photos which were not designed by real tattoo artists. It is so important to use tattoo templates that are designed by tattoo artists who understand how the design will look on an actual arm.

By using tribal arm tattoos which have been professionally designed, you will be able to take the stencil straight to your tattoo artist to have it done. This way, you are assured that the tattoo you are getting will be the exact one you saw online. You will be able to look through the picture galleries to see your choices side by side before you make a decision on which one will have a new home on your arm. After all, you will be sporting this new tattoo for a lifetime, so you might as well invest in the best!

Cool Tattoo Ideas - Finding The Perfect Location For Your First Tattoo

Are you getting ready to get you first tattoo, and not sure of the location should be? Deciding where the location of your first tattoo is almost as difficult as choosing a tattoo studio and finding the perfect tattoo design. However, there are ways to help you decide where to place your first tattoo.

First, you should know is if you're not worried about the tattoo being visible, you can get a tattoo almost anywhere on your body. This probably makes your decision-making process either easier or more difficult. However, it's good to know you have options for placement such as your chest, bicep, calf, the lower and upper back you forearm and even the back of your neck.

If you concerned about the pain associated with getting a tattoo then you want to think about some areas of the body that can cause you the least amount of pain. You may want to consider getting a tattoo on the upper arm, near your shoulder and you really want to stay away from places that are close to the bone such as the upper back area that's close to the neck. If this is your first tattoo, you may also want to think about getting a small tattoo. Getting smaller tattoo as opposed to a larger one will take less time to apply and you'll be able to judge your tolerance for pain.

The next thing many people worry about is if they want the tattoo visible or not. So you should be considering this question for yourself. To help you decide if you want a tattoo visible or not, you should look at different variables in your life, such as what type of person you are and what your lifestyle is. For example, if you work in corporate America, you may want to get a tattoo in a place that's not to visible such as the upper arm, on the back or upper leg area where the thigh is. The reason for this is some people may judge you inaccurately for having a tattoo. So this gives you the option to keep them covered while working and you have option to wear summer clothes (such as shorts and short sleeves shirts) if your company allows it in their dress code.

Finally, should look at where others have their tattoo and the size of the tattoo. If your friends have a tattoo, you should ask why they got the tattoo at that location on the body. Not only will this give you more information about where to place a tattoo, it will also help keep your mind at ease.

So there you have it, while there are many locations to place your tattoo, you'll find that you have a tough decision ahead of you. Hopefully using the tips above will help you decide the perfect place for your tattoo.

Cool Tattoos Are Here to Stay

The art of inserting pigment ink under the skin is known as Tattooing. It is done using sharp equipment, and it is very found among people of many cultures. It might sound strange that tattoos were even found on the bodies of ancient mummies, that are believed to be well over a thousand years old. Tattoos have been around for a long time; from the ancient Egyptian time to present day. This ancient form of art has now become a style in this generation and it's popularity has risen significantly.

The word tattoo is derived from the Polynesian word 'Tatao', which means 'To tap'. It describes the techniques by which sharp spines, loaded with color were inserted into the skin for making beautiful tribal designs. Tattoos have gained importance over the years and there are lots people who are opting for the tattooing of beautiful figures on their body.

The designing of tattoos varies with each person, no two tattoos are exactly alike. Whenever deciding what the right tattoo is a person should think about the following thoughts:

• How will the tattoo match your personality and style?
• What will be the impact of tattoo be culturally on you and your family? Think about what people might say to you if you decide to get a tattoo.
• Will it have any impact on your professional career or office environment?
• What will happen if these tattoos get outdated? Will you keep it or just hide it?

These are the primary thoughts which need to be keep in mind when deciding for or against getting a permanent tattoo. Your tattoo artist will have pages upon pages that you can look through to find the perfect design. All you need to do is select the tattoo that most appeals to you and then do it.

The tattoo should be chosen according to the following factors:

• Color of skin: Tattoos should be selected according to the skin tone of a person. There is a variety of colors available and you can choose any color to fill in the tattoos.

• Sex of an individual: Tattoos should be according to the sex of a person. Men might prefer to have bold themed tattoos and females might want a cool and fashionable one. There are some unisex tattoo patterns as well and your tattoo artist can assist with that.

• Culture or background: It is wise to choose tattoos according to your cultural background as this might have an impact as discussed earlier.

• Career: It is very important to choose a tattoo, which does not leave a bad impact on your professional life. Tattoos should be embossed on an appropriate body part, according to the profession of the person.

You should always welcome the suggestions given by your tattoo artist and also ask them their opinion on the tattoo you are wanting to get inked on you.

Tattoos For Women - Top Ten Tattoo Choices For Women

Tattoos for women are increasing in popularity. More and more girls and women are choosing to have tattoos. However, women tend not to choose the symbols of death and destruction that have been popular with men for years, nor do they have the same affinity to the sea or the Navy.

In no particular order, the list of 10 designs below are the top ten designs that women choose:-

1. Fairy - A very pretty tattoo is the fairy. They prove popular with the more romantic.

2. Tribal designs - women love them. They offer history and mystery all in one. They look good on arms, ankles, tummies and lower backs.

3. Stars and shooting stars - after all, women are celestial, aren't they? Loads of different shapes and sizes available.

4. Butterfly - this is THE number one tattoo of choice for women. Again, lots and lots of different shapes and sizes available.

5. Hearts - Women love hearts, it's back to that romantic thing. From the tiny and discreet to the massive and indiscreet (!) hearts are lovely.

6. Zodiac Signs - Women love their star signs and horoscopes. So much so that they are a top ten choice for a tattoo.

7. Celtic - These could be classed with Tribal designs, but enough from this particular tribe are chosen to warrant a position all of their own. Celtic designs include spirals, crosses and knots.

8. Flowers - A very feminine choice of tattoo is the flower. Top in this category include lilies, daisies, roses and sunflowers.

9. Dragonflies - A woman's choice of bug to have tattooed is the dragonfly. How significant is the fact that they are a preferred mode of transport for fairies, is anyones guess!

10. Dolphins - The wonderful, sleek, streamlined and beautiful dolphin deserves it's place in the top ten of tattoos. These magnificent creatures are the only sea animal to get into the top ten, despite the prevelance of fish, seahorses etc.

For someone who likes tattoos, the most precious thing is bare skin. ~Cher

If you are longing for a tattoo, or have one and love it - or hate it - I have a poll running on my site. Please come and give your opinion. I also have info on henna tattoos and a huge choice of designs, 1000s of them. My favourite bit is the "tattoo disasters"!

Sexy, Hot and Traditional - Japanese Tattoo Designs For Girls - Feminine Tattoo Ideas

Typically when a person thinks of a traditional Japanese tattoo the images that come to mind are the full body tattoo designs of the Yakuza. However, the world of tattoos has changed rapidly over the last tens years in the United States and tattooing trends around the world have changed also. In the West many women are discovering the rich beauty of traditional Japanese designs and these work well and are ideal for feminine tattoo ideas. So if you are looking for some type of Japanese tattoo designs for girls then this article will help you identify some of the best ideas to start from.

Koi Fish Tattoos

Koi fish are a very traditional and yet very popular, sexy and beautiful design in Japan. The beauty of the fish and the brilliant colors of the orange in the fish along with the water splashing in the background make for an incredible design combination. Not only is the coloration beautiful the meaning and symbolism behind koi designs is also very empowering. The myth essentially states that the koi fish swim upstream against the current and finally reach the top gate into heave and then are released and become beautiful dragons and fly off. The symbolism is one of strength, power and striking out on your own and living your own life. This is something many women fell passionate and strong about and therefore the koi fish is the perfect design. This can be done as a half sleeve tattoo a sexy leg tattoo or even on the back.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Cherry blossoms have also been used throughout traditional Japanese tattooing. Originally cherry blossoms were a revered flower and a symbol that many samurai held close to the hearts. In fact many of the most famous samurai would write poems about the cherry blossom. They felt it represented life and symbolized the temporary existence of life. It therefore acted as a very powerful reminder and symbol to live each day to the fullest since life ends quickly and is delicate like the cherry blossom. Again this is a wonderful symbol that is full of meaning. It looks beautiful and delicate as well as has power behind it. They also can make a great tattoo design. You can choose to do a large tattoo design of the whole cherry blossom tree, just a branch of even just the fallen petals in the snow or water all very deeply symbolic and beautiful.

Geisha Tattoo Designs

Last but not least something that everyone has of course heard about Japan is the Geisha. The Geisha in Japan are seen to be entertainers and the holders of the culture. They were and still are trained in the arts, including calligraphy, music and dance to just name a few. In fact the very word Geisha means " a person of the arts:. They are highly intelligent and incredible conversationalists. Many of the most traditional woodcut artwork featured the Geisha in what was called the "floating world". Many of these designs found their way into the art of tattooing early on also. The Geisha tattoo can symbolize exotic beauty, feminine power and mystique. Thus is also a symbol that speaks to many women.

These are just a few of the more traditional Japanese tattoos designs that are popular in the West and also very traditional at the same time. They are also designs that can easily be translated into feminine tattoo designs. Each one holds a bit of power and strength along with feminine beauty and mystique making for the ideal tattoo design for many women. These are just a few of the ideas.

Cool Tattoos For Girls - Tips to Remember When Looking For a Girl Tattoo

Looking for cool tattoos for girls should be something fun and joyful, no matter what kind of girl tattoo you are after. Too often it ends up being one of two things: Either a girl will rush into a decision and get a tattoo they only "sort of" like, or it takes so long to find any good artwork that they end up picking a design that they don't fully like. Here are tips to help you find tons of the cool tattoos for girls without settling for anything less.

First, I want to tell you a little something about why so many women as settling on generic designs. It's doesn't have anything to do with the fact that they actually want a generic, cookie cutter tattoo on their skin. They really don't. It has to do with the fact that this is the only type of artwork most of them end up seeing. Why is this all they see? Because most of them (95%) are relying solely on search engines to find the cool tattoos for girls out there.

While you will find a ton of designs this way, most of what you find will be nine year old designs and there isn't much originality in them. On top of that, a lot of the galleries that pull up in search engine results are filled with a lot of artwork that wasn't even meant to be used as a real tattoo! That's right.

This is sad, because a girl will pick one of those designs and then go run to get it inked on their body. They have no clue that the design isn't going to look anywhere as good on their skin as it looked on the piece of paper they printed it on. They think that found cool tattoos for girls, when in reality they found random pieces of artwork that weren't even drawn so that they will make a good tattoo.

Ok, that's enough depressing stuff. Let's talk about how you can find out where the cool tattoos for girls are...

A good way to judge where the good artwork is happens to be by using internet forums. You can find a slew of the cool tattoos for girls that you have been missing out on. Remember, forums are filled with real live people and these people have real opinions. They aren't robots like search engines are. The best part is that most big forums are filled with topics revolving around tattoos artwork.

All you have to do is go inside of these topics and see where other women are locating original, cool tattoos for girls. The best part is that you will be able to find so many good galleries that just don't come up in most search engine results. When a girl brags about good artwork in a forum, you know that they will have a ton of stuff that you might like. It's just an alternative way to find the cool tattoos for girls that you will truly like. No matter where you look, you should always take your time to find the perfect tattoo for your particular tastes.

Finding the cool tattoos for girls is just the beginning and hopefully this helps you out, if only a little bit.