Sexy Tattoos for Womens

Everyone has different ideas about their favorite sexy tattoos. Is a lower back tattoo sexy? What about an armband? What makes a tattoo sexy is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

Lower Back Tattoos

There's controversy in the tattoo world over lower back tattoos. Some people think they're incredibly sexy, an ornament for an already beautiful part of the female body. Others are tired of seeing lower back tats and have taken to calling them "tramp stamps."

Are these types of lower back tattoos sexy or not? You decide.

  • A stylized tribal design or Celtic knotwork.
  • A butterfly or fairy with wings spread across the back.
  • A small image of a flower, a dolphin, or other nature symbol.
  • A word like "goddess" or "angel" in stylized script.

Armband Tattoos

Armbands are popular with men, who often think a the tattoo accentuates a pumped-up bicep. They've become as ubiquitous as lower back tattoos, and stir up just as much admiration and annoyance.

If you're going for an armband and you want it to look sexy, consider the following:

  • Make sure you keep your arms in shape. An armband will draw just as much attention to a flabby bicep as a fit bicep.
  • Hire the best artist you can find. Good work shines, no matter where it's placed.
  • Wear your tattoo with confidence. It's not just the tat that's sexy, it's the attitude of the person who wears it.

Hidden Tattoos

Some people think the sexiest tattoos are the ones most people won't see. These hidden tattoos include tats on the breasts, lower abdomen, groin, and genitals. Depending on your personal idea of sexy, you might choose a pretty design, a sophisticated pattern, or a blatant sexual come-on.

When you're in a relationship, getting your partner's name tattooed someplace private might seem like a very sexy idea. However, tattoo artists often refuse to do that kind of tattoo - they've seen so many people come in for cover-ups after break-ups, they consider it the kiss of death for romance!

Sexual Images

Search online for "sexy tattoos" and you'll find plenty of naked women inked on arms, chests, and legs. It's a little hard to know whether these tattoos are just for the wearers, or if they expect others to think they're sexy. Men with these tats are presumably admirers of women, or else they wouldn't have chosen images celebrating the female body. The question is, do they really think women will want to look at those images on their mate?

Still, from the numbers of such tattoos, it's clear that a lot of people think they're sexy. Sometimes called "pinup girls", after 1950's-era calendar girls, these tats feature:

  • Large-chested, bare-breasted women in all sorts of poses.
  • Fully naked women wearing lascivious looks.
  • Fantasy girls dressed as bikers, vampires, devils, and angels.
  • Leather-clad beauties, sometimes bearing whips and chains.
  • Schoolgirls, nurses, and other uniformed gals.

Women sometimes get tattoos of gorgeous women, too. Wearing these sexy images doesn't necessarily indicate sexuality; these tats can also represent female power. Some women choose to have sexy men tattooed on themselves to make a statement as well.

Temporary Sexy Tattoos

Always wanted a tattoo but not quite ready to get one? Does your partner admire tattoos on other people? Temporary tattoos can be a way to get sexy without making a permanent change to your body. You can find temporary lower back tattoos, ankle tattoos, even tats for your nipples. Some temporary tattoos include tiny, sparkling crystals that adhere to the skin.

You can put a temporary tattoo in as public or as private a place as you want. If you find that you like it, you might want to see an artist about getting a sexy tattoo that will last a lifetime.

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