Possible Risk to Remove Tattoos

There are numerous ways to remove tattoos nowadays. You can choose from laser to non-laser and from economical to overly expensive procedures. Whatever option you decide, there are possible risks and complications involved in it.

Depending on the nature of the way the tattoo is eliminated, it can result to damaged skin like scars. The dermabrasion and excision are procedures that can potentially result to severely scarred tissues. The dermabrasion uses a salt friction to scrape the outer layer of your tattooed skin. The excision is the surgical removing of the skin and replacing it with the new one which is also taken from another part of your body. It is reported also that laser removal can result to painful blistering of the skin.

Another risk is the discoloration of the skin. It is called the hypopigmentation, in which the affected skin area becomes lighter, and the hypepigmentation, which makes the affected skin darker. This effect is really unpleasant especially if the affected skin area like arms and legs is visible.

There is also possible occurrence of allergies. Some people are born with sensitive skin. The Intense Pulse Light Therapy uses a gel before pointing the high intensity light in your body which can trigger any allergies.

However, the foreseen risk to remove tattoos is the pain it involves regardless of the procedure. It is certain that you will feel pain though its intensity varies according to the method. With the inevitable pain, it is better to think twice before making any decision to tattoo your body as the removal is not really easy.

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